What we do



If you need a private blood test urgently to be taken by a professionally trained and qualified phlebotomist in the comfort of your own home and office or simply too busy to attend a clinic.

Our samples can be taken by using the most suitable equipment to perform venepuncture.

We will assess your veins prior to the procedure and discuss with you the best suitable method.

Please note that we only work with patients 16 years or over.

We see a wide range of people who present with complex medical conditions such as ...

Colour tubes Chemotherapy patients
Colour tubes Parkinson's
Colour tubes Motor neurone
Colour tubes Elderly
Colour tubes Chronic respiratory conditions
Colour tubes Renal patients
Colour tubes Autism spectrum patients
Colour tubes Transplant patients
Colour tubes Thyroid
Colour tubes IVF
Colour tubes Nutritionist requests


We also provide post procedure instructions as appropriate.