What's Involved



Normally you would request these kits to be delivered to your home address under the direction of your doctor, nutritionist or consultant.

The kit would arrive with instructions on any pre-procedure required before the blood test (such as fasting or avoiding certain foods or supplements ). The kit would also contain instructions for Phlebotomist and also instructions on where to send the samples to the lab.

We can provide blood separation services (centrifuge)  if required in your own home. Please be aware that this comes at a small additional cost as it takes longer to do.

Our job is to collect and prepare samples once we are authorised by your doctor/GP/nutritionist etc. .

Once this is done, it is the patient's responsibility to send the sample(s) to the lab in a timely manner whether  that be by courier or other means as advised in the pack. We can give advice on how to package the samples.

If you have received multiple packs for several test please be careful when opening them to ensure that contents do not get mixed up as this could delay or invalidate the procedure and result in a wasted journey which we would need to charge for.

Please note that one request should be made PER person in order that we can provide an accurate costing before we visit.

Please contact us for corporate rates of 10 people or more.